Sunday, 20 January 2013

Tips For Returning To The Workplace After Maternity Leave

It's been nearly two weeks back in the workplace and I'm happy to report that it hasn't been too bad at all.

So what tips can I give you to get you ready for your return?
1.     If you can spare the cash get a hair cut or buy a new pair of shoes or clothing. It'll give you a bit of confidence going back feeling like fresh mummy and not worn out mummy.

 2.    Sort out your work clothes. Check what clothes fit and how you feel in them. If some items don't fit, then get rid of them; it's best not to have lots of clothes you can't wear in your wardrobe.

3.    Check with your manager that everything is ready for your return - desk, access to computer passwords sorted, whatever it is that needs to be set up for your arrival.

4.   Are you planning to go on breastfeeding when you return to work? Your employer should make sure you have somewhere to express milk and a fridge to store it in.  Broach this subject with your manager or personnel early on as it's not something everyone is comfortable with.

4.     If you can, do more than one settling in day with your little one at nursery. If there is any problems, then you might be able to resolve them before you are stuck at your workplace worrying about your child.

5.    Organise your morning the evening before. Lay clothes out, check bus pass, money bag, etc, anything you need and anything the baby will need for nursery.

For baby and me....
6.    Have a talk to your partner about how they can help make the transition back to work smoother by taking on a few baby chores such as feeding the child first thing. Also if you have been doing most of the baby care during the night, then you might want to agree with your partner a way for you to have a good nights sleep.

7.     Figure out your daily routine and get a sense of how long everything takes. You will find to begin with that you feel time-poor. There is never enough hours in the day so try not to beat yourself up if you can't get as much done. Give yourself a break.

8.      Put your watch mobile phone a few minutes forward. This is useful for making you leave work promptly. It's easy to get distracted leaving the office and over estimate your timing.

9.    Try and use lunchtime to do some chores but also take a break and hang out on your own or with work colleagues.

Good luck with it all! 


  1. Glad it's not been too terrible going back! These are all great tips. Only thing I can think of to add is to have easy food to eat in the evenings so no-one has to spend ages cooking when both of you are tired. Number 5 is so important and can save loads of time running around in the morning! Number 6 too - even really simple things. e.g. we live on the top floor, and me and my husband decided that whoever leaves first will take the pram downstairs which saves an extra trip for the person doing the drop-off x.

  2. My partner has been cooking quite a bit so we need to get that balanced a little bit more. I do try and do easy one pot meals. Perhaps I will get around to investing in a slow cooker! x