Thursday, 22 November 2012

Soft Play in Clapham At Toddler's World

Yes, it's my next visit to Soft Play. How will Boo-boo and I have fared on this outing?

This soft play is the type that can be dismantled and put away so we were here for one of the many sessions they run during the week.  This activity is held at the very very clean and sparkly new Clapham Leisure Centre in their large sports hall. Half of it had been cordoned off and the other half filled with soft play blocks and shapes, an inflatable bouncy castle and a toddlers climbing frame all set upon soft mats so no nasty falls for the little ones!

So when we arrived there were two other children there... a little quiet for a miserable grey Monday afternoon. I presumed everyone stayed at home. Anyway, we got to it, shoes off for me, coat off for baby and headed straight into the fun! Boo-boo always looks rather baffled by it all - she isn't quite sure how to react to it but eventually she started to get excited by all the shapes and things to clamber over. At 8 and a half month and a furious sniper crawler, she is keen to roam but somehow this wasn't quite inspiring her but did suit the babies and toddlers who were able to walk and understood what to do to get the fun out of the soft play.

So we soldiered on, smiling at other children whilst Boo-boo either attempted to wave at them or suck the soft play item. We did have a sit in the bouncy castle and I got chatting to another mum who told me it can get really busy. I can imagine that and it not being much fun for the very little ones. Then the daughter got restless and it was time for us to say farewell.

Overall I found it a little underwhelming and didn't look as much fun as the one at the Rec. It was cleaner and everything brand spanking new. But they did have a man on guard to check your ticket and just keep an eye on what was going on. However it wasn't too comfortable for parents if you wanted or needed to sit down with your child.

Toddlers World is located in the Sports Hall at Clapham Leisure Centre, 141 Clapham Manor Street SW4 6DB. The sessions for the week are on everyday at 1:30pm to 3pm and extra sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 9:30am to 11am.

Entrance is £2.70 per child. For any other information, contact the centre on tel: 020 7627 7900

Buses past the leisure centre are the  88, 50, 155, 322 and 345.



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