Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Joys of Motherhood -what I've learnt so far...

On my way back from visiting my parents, I got to thinking about all the stuff that has happened over the last year which hadn't been part of my life before that time. So here's a few things I've discovered

1, Buggy rage. Who'd a thought I would want to shout at the lady who pushed ahead of me in the queue for the bus!

2. A lot of shops and shop doors aren't buggy friendly. However, the buggy can be really useful getting around Borough market; people soon move out of your way when you've clipped their ankles a few times.

3. Mothering is really 24/7. Proper 24/7, not closing down for half the night once a week (like Tescos) but all the time, day in, day out.

4. Baby's growth spurts are weird. One week they fit the sleepsuit, the next week, it's too small. How did that happen!

5. Having a baby makes nearly everyone want to talk to you and give you parenting tips. NOT FUN!

6. It  also means a section of society will give you evil glances as you have a child who might make some unwanted noise. Some of your friends now keep a distance for fear you might start talking about babies and forcing them to "coo" at pictures of your little one!

7. The big wide world is unfriendly to childen and families. Most places don't have buggy space, there is nowhere to put the kid down and people get irritated by frustrated children.

8. Packs of toddlers are scary. Visit any oversubscribed soft play for this experience.

9, When you start breastfeeding, you are very discreet. However this goes out of the window when it becomes a useful way to stop the child from screaming the place down!

10. You get use to poo, pee, vomit and bogies. All in a day's work.

11. Although you might have planned to not show the baby any TV til s/he is 16 , you realise the benefits of the TV pacifying them for 20 minutes.

12. It makes you more sensitive to other people's negative view of children. And sensitive when bad things happen to kids.

13. There is a whole world of mummy bloggers just chomping at the bit to share their stories, thoughts and experiences with you!

I'm sure there is more to say about all of these things. Let me know your thoughts!

This last year has been amazing (and very hard work!. Baby is one on Saturday - doesn't time fly!
Me and the baby go on an adventure!

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