Monday, 11 March 2013

Lambeth's New Real Nappies Scheme (and other nappy information!)

For expectant mums, one thing many take into consideration is whether to go for disposable nappies or reuseables. It's a tough question and only one you can answer.

However, if you are looking for advice and tips on what to get, then head to the Real Nappies for London Website which will answer all your questions on this matter.

Closer to home, head to Lambeth Council webpage and read about the Lambeth Real Nappies Scheme. There is an opportunity to talk to advisers and you can pick up a trial pack of three reuseable nappies. You will need to have proof of address and photo ID. Get in touch with them to find out more.

And for those who struggle with reuseables or don't feel it's the right thing for them, then check out this service which suggests it can recycle nappies! Is this the future? It would be interesting to see energy use and cost for all schemes.

Whatever you're choice, let's hope for a more environmentally friendly future which is easy on the planet, easy on the finances and easy on the parents.

"Sort my nappy out mummy!"

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