Saturday, 24 March 2012

Oasis Children's Venture in Stockwell

On Friday the sun was shining and Milo and I decided we had sung Wind The Bobbin Up one too many times and headed somewhere new and wonderful - the Oasis Children's Venture Nature Garden. This is truly an unexpected wildlife Oasis in the heart of the city. We were a little puzzled by how to get in, but finally discovered the lovely brass bell to the left of the gate and finally a very friendly Marisa let us in.
The Nature Garden has so many hidden corners it is very exciting for little ones to explore and is completely safe. There are vegetable patches, a tree-house, scare-crows as well as plenty of woodland and grassy verges perfect for picnics. As Milo is still a crawler he couldn't quite take part in the nest making with clay and straw and preferred to climb up and down the tree-house (which is complete with binoculars for essential birdwatching).

He also enjoyed trying to spot cars and buses through the fence (he adores cars at the moment) but I'm pleased to say it was very hard to catch sight of them as the garden does separate you from the hectic city surroundings! I soon realised it was impossible for Milo to truly get in the spirit of the Garden without getting down and dirty so I let him crawl around on the pathway and he adored putting wood chip into his wheelbarrow and even having a little nibble now and then (not recommended!).

The Under 5s group is every Friday from 10.30-12 with an optional donation of £1 but I think it's worth every penny !

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