Saturday, 24 March 2012

Unique School in Lambeth

There's more to school than just literacy - and this is just what the people at The Family School at Larkhall (off Brixton Hill) feel. The Family School is a small, alternative school "where children are free to be themselves and where learning is a natural part of enjoying and exploring life".
I attended the  PARENT AND CHILD (UNDER 4s) GROUP which meets on Monday and Thursday mornings each week during term time from 9.45am-11.45am and cost £6 per session per child (siblings under 14 months attend for free) and was very excited to find a wide range of resources including a lovely library of books, musical instruments, a pretend shop, plenty of toys, a lovely outdoor play area and plenty of space to explore. There's also a shoes-off policy (which I am a big advocate of!) and no set activities such as singing so it's great to let little ones play and learn however they wish. It's exciting to know that Lambeth has such a range of different schools on offer - don't forget to also check out The Waldorf School of South West London too for another alternative approach to education!

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