Tuesday, 14 August 2012

It's a Sling Thing !

After months of daydreaming from afar, Milo and I finally made it to the fabulous South London Sling Library. The founder, Emily, provides the opportunity to try out a very wide range of slings and wraps and they can even be rented out for a small fee!

Although Milo, at nearly age 2, is erring on the side of 'heavy and wriggly' and we were surrounded by lovely, sleepy, obliging babies, Emily was extremely helpful at demonstrating plenty of different types and styles of sling and helpful advice.

We tested the Scootababy - which worked the best for us; it is a shoulder carrier and Milo was relatively happy to be slipped in and out, he got decidedly fidgety with all the other carriers. He also seemed content to be carried on my back - something I haven't tried before!

 As we are leaving Lambeth I was unable to rent a sling, but there were plenty of happy mums and dads who had. Just a warning, the session became very busy so be prepared to wait but it's worth it! There is a box of little toys, tea and biscuits for the grown ups and changing facilities so persevere, and you will soon realise there's more to life than a Baby Bj√∂rn!

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