Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Big Scream! Baby Cinema

Who would have thought that when it was our turn to bare the next generations, we could be keeping ourselves entertained, not with nursery rhymes for the little ones but by viewing the latest movie with babe in arms, either asleep or sucking furiously at the breast.

Yes, a big thank you to the person who thought of baby cinema. What a great idea - creating specific times when a mum can take her baby (as long as s/he is under 1 years old) to watch a film. The sound is not quite as loud as normal and the auditorium is not as dark. The showings are always on first thing (so around 11am at the Ritzy in Brixton). Tickets are at matinee prices.

When I was a bit more settled with my baby, we ventured out to baby cinema. I made sure the nappy bag was packed and slung it onto the pushchair. Upon arriving, we bought a ticket, met our other mummy and baby friends, and proceeded to park up the buggy. Then came the tricky bit, you have to take the nappy bag and the baby into the cinema.

So once in the cinema, I got a seat for all our stuff, and a seat for myself with the baby on my lap. The lights came down, adverts and films came on and the sights and sounds of baby cinema began. For a start there is usually some baby whaaaahing to be expected. But as we are in close proximity to the other mothers, we have noisy breast feeding babies and the sound of nappies being filled with poop! In fact it's actually quite funny when you look over to you neighbour with an "oh no, I just heard that too". My first visit had a leaky nappy drama - not once but twice.

We were watching the Being Elmo film ( a movie about the puppeteer behind kid's favourite Elmo) which I really wanted to see. However, the baby had other ideas. Or rather her nappies didn't work for her so half way through the movie I noticed I was wet and we had to navigate our way out of the cinema, jumping over little ones lying on the floor, to rush to the baby changing toilet for a complete change of clothes (for her not me).

However I had left my nappy bag on the pushchair so I had to wade through a mass of Maclaren XT and bugaboos with a mucky baby tucked under my arm. Even worst, I'd left the bag tightly wedged under the pushchair. ARGHHH! We survived.

I mention the explosive nappy happen twice. The second time I missed a key moment of the film - when Jim Henderson dies (insert sad face here). And this was not to be the only movie this happened in! Still, baby cinema is good for mums  - gives you something grown up to do whilst caring for the little one.

The Ritzy (Tel: 0871 704 2068 ) has their screenings on Friday morning at 11:00am. It's worth getting a booklet with listings to check what is on as the website isn't always up to date. There is usually two films to choose from. A ticket cost £7.50 and includes a hot beverage.

The Clapham Picture House (Tel: 0871 704 2068 ) has a screening on Thursday morning at 10:30am. Tickets cost £7.

For both cinemas, you have to join the Big Scream club but this only costs a £1. Enjoy your chance to catch up on all the latest film releases!

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  1. Went to see Untouchable at Brixton. Loved it! And so did Sam. Lovely experience watching with all the babies cooing everywhere, and so totally relaxed!