Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A visit to the Barbican (or what I did at the weekend)

Once a week, I give you guys a list of where you could go to at the weekend and sometimes my family and I manage to do some of these things. This week, we popped into the Barbican specifically to catch Random International's Rain Room.

We had heard the queues were big and manged to get there for 11am when the piece opens however we only waited 50 mins before we got in. It really is very much a novelty thing but still fun and impressive. And the wait wasn't too bad when you have giant cups of hot chocolate (must remind the other half that a pint of liquid is not a good idea when you are waiting in a long queue)!

Surrounded by rain but still dry!

We were also lucky to be visiting when it was the Natural Circuits Barbican Weekender which had lots of free workshops and spectacles to watch or interact with. Many were aimed at all ages so there were lots of families around.

First up we had a go at the Lumacoustics Yrwall - a digital graffiti wall. Although the opportunity has come along for me to have a go at spraying a can, I have yet to take it up so this was my moment (although I disguised it as Boo-boo's thing). It was fun.

Boo-boo has a go at painting!

We had some lunch, fed the child and watch a dance perform (verdict:curious) and then headed to see the Black Country Atelier's 3-D printers. There were participants customising set shapes which would then be created in 3-D using the printers. It was all very Star Trek.

Ohh! 3-D printers!
We then popped down to a dance floor where our body movements were turned into patterns on the screen in front of us.
Making dance shapes for the wall.
And next up we went to have a look at the conservatory (the second largest in London). I do love a good greenhouse. Unfortunately we could only look around the one level as there was no way we could get the buggy up the stairs. Still we saw Koi carp, finches and lots of plants!

In the Conservatory! (not Triffids)
 And then..... I got tired and we went home...

...but what fun we had.

This event was just on for the weekend but the Rain Room is open til 3rd March 2012.

The conservatory opens on a Sunday between 11am to 5:30pm.

The Barbican has several exhibition spaces, a theatre, library and cinema. It really is a great space to visit and often host to weekend events for family activities. You can register with them to receive news of events.

To get there from Lambeth, hop on the 133 or 35 to Liverpool Street. It's a ten minute walk from there or you can catch a bus  (153 or 100) straight to the Barbican.


  1. Thanks for the reminder that Barbican is great - has been ages since I've been! Feel a trip to the rain room coming on!

    1. Don't forget to pop into the Museum of London - they do sessions for toddlers during the week. :) Good luck with the rain room!