Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bach to Baby - a Classical Music Experience for Parents and Babies

It came up in a discussion recently that most of the events for babies either benefit the child or the parent but rarely both. Bach to baby offers something which both baby and mum or dad can enjoy - a session of classical music.

Each month Bach to Baby creates a theme for it's choice of music. It then plays at different venues around the capital. Parents attend with their children. Adults cost £10 and kids are free. The children can make all the funny sounds and noises they like, wander around freely (though not straying into the path of the musicians) and enjoy the music. Adults get to also enjoy the music whilst knowing their child isn't having to remain silent (which we know under a certain age is pretty impossible!)

They have recently started holding a Bach to Baby event in Pimlico. I went to check it out. The venue for the concert is a gorgeous old Victorian church. Coffee and tea are available at a price. Buggies are parked in an area of the church. Then you just pick a pew, sit back and enjoy the music. After an introduction to the musician and some information about the musical theme of the month, Miaomiao Yu, who set up this wonderful event, explained some of the background to each piece of music before it began. I sure many mums enjoyed hearing about something which stimulates the minds and isn't baby related.

The concert almost felt like it wasn't long enough. I forgot how much I loved listening to live classical music. The baby loved it and banged along to the songs before sleeping though a bit of Gershwin and a rousing version of America!

Bach to baby is held at different venues across the London. One concert is at Clapham and two others are nearby at Dulwich and Pimlico. Concerts are an hour long including nursery rhymes at the end. The concerts usually start at 10:30am. For more information about these concerts, visit the Bach to Baby website.

I recommend everyone do this at least once during their maternity leave!

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