Friday, 11 October 2013

Taking Baby for a Swim Part 6: A review of Peckham Pulse Healthy Living Centre

Right, I’m back – just briefly though. Baby Boo is 18 months and is pretty much toddler Boo. So we thought we’d go and try out a few more pools for you. I can hear you thinking that this should be easier!

So where did we visit? Yes, Peckham Pulse with its hydrotherapy pool, had been a ‘to do’ for a long time.  It was so near to us and yet so far. However even though we are now living in the far reaches of Beulah Hill (technically Croydon) we thought we would head to the Pulse to satisfy the Little Lambeth readers.

Journey was fine. Our money was swapped at the desk for a ticket only to be told that the Hydrotherapy pool was closed. You WHAT? Yes I did think about going home but, no readers,  we were not here to just test the pool but to look at all the facilities that either make it heaven or hell.

So we decided to take the plunge (get it!) and go for a splash regardless. The changing rooms were easily sign posted and there were several decent size family rooms – one with a baby change piece of furniture. There were also lots of spaces to lock the buggies up as well as a few large lockers that looked like they could accommodate a folded pushchair. 

If you had visited with a tiny baby then there is space to change the baby and keep him/her with you in a family room. If you have come with a toddler, the family changing room offer the chance to let the kid run around without wandering off. 

We put our belongings in a locker and headed towards the pool. A quick ‘whoosh’ of the body under the shower and then we went to face the big, "full of kids because it’s the school holiday", pool!! One section had been roped off and had some floats. This was also the section with a small set of steps leading into the pool. But I wasn’t sure what the deal was so once the mum with the big kid realised I wanted to get into the pool, I went down the ladder with my child firmly clasped to me. 

So this wasn’t too bad but because we don’t really do the floaty baby seat thing or even the arm bands, I had to hold her which would be fine if she didn’t want to fight me and  escape.  My poor arms – water is my place to go to relax but not with a little one in tow! 

We carried on splashing around – or rather she splashed and I held onto her for dear life.  Lots of kids barged pass me and bumped into me. Really wasn’t too much fun but this wasn’t the fault of the visitors. Realistically I should have been in a baby pool.

So swim swum.  And splash sploshed. We got out, didn’t showered (as I was exhausted by this point), found the family room and changed with a minimal amount of wailing and fighting from my daughter.

So what do I think then? So really good basic facilities: big lockers, pushchair spaces with locks and large family rooms with baby change. Well done Peckham Pulse. I will be back to visit your hydrotherapy pool, one day ….soon.

Peckham Pulse Healthy Living Centre Information

Peckham Pulse Healthy Living Centre is located at
10 Melon Road Peckham, London, SE15 5QN

At the sports centre, adults (non-members)  pay £4.40 (peak) or £4.10 (off-peak) per swim and  junior (non-members) pay £1.50 (anytime), Family Swim (2 adults /2 children) is £9.10.

The centre can be contacted on 
0844 893 3888

The opening times for parents and toddlers are:

Monday       3:00 to 4:00pm (Hydrotherapy Pool)
Tuesday       3:00 to 4:00pm (Hydrotherapy Pool)
Wednesday  12:00 to 1:00pm and 3:00 to 4:00pm (Hydrotherapy Pool)
Thursday     3:00 to 4:00pm (Hydrotherapy Pool)
Friday          3:00 to 4:00pm (Hydrotherapy Pool)
Saturday     1:00 to 2:00pm (Hydrotherapy Pool)
Sunday        8:00 to 9:00 and 1:00 to 2:00pm (Hydrotherapy Pool)

It's always worth phoning the pool to check it's open or that there hasn't been a change to the timetable.

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  1. hi, you say you moved from Lambeth to Beulah Hill - it is an area we are looking into, so I was wondering what your thoughts were re. transport links, life, etc. thank you Ruth!

    1. It's not to bad up here. We are near Crown Point so close to West Norwood, Streatham and Crystal Palace. Transport is alright. Views are great!