Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Five Brixton Film Shorts

Tis the season to be jolly....

so I thought I'd do a list of 5 film shorts (fact or fiction) about Brixton.

1. This short is created by Stockwell School and Digital Works and is about Brixton Market:

Stall Stories- a History of Brixton Market

2.A piece about the famous Stockwell Skate Park.

Fly Like a Bird

3. Brixton has the kind of landscape that's screaming to be animated so here it is:

 Robots of Brixton

 4. Back to the market, and here's a nice little short celebrating the people who work in the smallest shops in Brixton

Niche in the market - a short film about small shops 

5. And finally Brixton has the most remaining murals created in the 1980s in the whole of London. This film talks to the artists and locals as they reflect on these pieces:

If Walls Could Speak - Brixton Murals

And as it's Christmas, I'll throw in this animation story by my sister about the threat of Nuclear War in the 1980s (featuring Brixton's famous Nuclear Dawn Mural!). Click the link!

Not the End of the World

Happy Watching!

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